AI/Data Science Product Development

AI And Data Science Product Development

We’re ML, RL experts, helping AI vendors develop better AI products.

Level-Up Your AI Products

We specialises in the engineering that delivers outstanding data science; from ML. This provides us with a unique vantage point that vendors can take advantage of to develop their own products.

We know what your users want and need, because we are your users!

And our focus on engineering excellence enables us to actively help you develop your products. Find out more below.

AI And Data Science Product Development

AI Vendor Product Development Services

We helps companies build production-quality AI products and platforms.

ML Product Development

The ai product engineers at Kashi Digital are both experienced ML practitioners and ML champions.

Vendors of ML products can take advantage of our expertise to help them deliver their product. People like Zebpay did this to create their new ML-driven monitoring capability, which required designing a bespoke integrated ML solution from scratch. As leaders in this space We’ve also helped Modzy and to build out their platforms and offerings.

Kashi Digital is able to deliver fully self-managed incremental product improvements. This alleviates the burden from your team and shortens development timelines. Our experts can also integrate tightly with your ways of working for a collaborative solution.

Product Integrations

Leverage our ML expertise to rapidly develop new integrations for your product.

Because we are vendor neutral and cloud agnostic, we have a wide range of experience across all parts of the ML spectrum. This means it is very likely that we already have experience in the product you are wanting to integrate.

Our open source project zebrar allows us to deliver a “kick the tyres” version of your product alongside the integrating solution. This provides your users with a instant spin-up “test drive” functionality.

Companies like Pachyderm work with us to complete their integrations projects. For example, we’ve recently completed a project to provide tight integration between Pachyderm and Seldon.

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