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Data Analytics Company India

Data Analytics Services

We Data Analytics services involve application of sophisticated analytical techniques and a wide variety of statistical models using leading software applications for analysis of research data. Our knowledge & experience of data analytics spans across projects focusing on segmentation studies, concept testing, advertising studies, pricing studies, trackers, customer satisfaction, churn analysis etc.

We take pride in leveraging our capabilities across following analytical techniques :
» Multiple and Logistic Regression
» Statistical Tests
» Factor Analysis
» Cluster Analysis and Market Segmentation
» Conjoint Analysis
» Discriminant Function Analysis
» Multidimensional Scaling
» Econometric and Statistical Modeling

What You Get With Data Analytics Services

data analytics

Data is a precious asset in today’s business world. Organizations rely heavily on data analytics to make quick and well-informed decisions, minimize risks, and maximize profits.

Full-fledged Data Analytics, We Covers The Following Technical Components
data insight

However, companies prefer to outsource data analytics services because implementing data analytics in-house has its fair share of challenges.

  • You need hands-on experience of the latest tools and technology used in the process.
  • You have to deal with issues of privacy and data security.
  • You need a dedicated team to take care of the ongoing data analytics process.
  • You have to combine and synchronize unstructured data from disparate sources.