What is Page Speed – Why Website Speed is Important?

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What is Page Speed – Why Website Speed is Important?

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If you have a website read more, there’s something important you need to understand about your visitors and why they might be leaving your site just after a minute entering your website.

The fact is people hate waiting especially online, even back in the 90s when the internet was still in its infancy almost 70 percent of people said it simply took too long to download web pages; and things aren’t much different today nowadays 90% of visitors will simply leave a site if they have to wait more than 10 seconds for it to load.

So when it comes to being online speed is no longer just a nice-to-have, it’s absolutely critical to your website’s success.

Today let’s go over a couple of reasons to understand why your website should load fast, first the nature of your visitors, people these days they’re usually in a hurry they simply aren’t going to wait around for your site to load they want to be reading your blog, buying your product, sharing your content doing whatever it is they came to your site to do; but for every three seconds it takes for your page to load 40% of these visitors will simply give up and move on to the next page so the time you have to capture your audience’s attention is fleeting and fragile especially if they’re on mobile devices; this leads us to our next point PageSpeed is particularly important for mobile users as we know data plans are a huge pain point for people and they aren’t happy when your site’s large uncompressed files are literally costing the money to download. Mobile users make up 2/3 of all internet access, so you really can’t afford to run the risk of losing this audience simply because of your sluggish siteThird site speed affects your search engine rankings in 2010 Google announced they would begin factoring page speed into their search ranking algorithms and these algorithms are what determine how high your site appears on result pages the higher your site the more traffic you get, so now you know why a speedy site matters.

But how do you know if your’s isn’t up to speed, in the first place start with Google’s page insight tool it’s a free tool that gives you a score on both page speed and user experience it also provides useful tips and links to resources that can help you fix issues that are causing your site to slow down, on top of using the page insight tool, test the site yourself; pull it up on a few different devices a smartphone, a tablet, computer and see how quickly it loads try different browsers to viewing your website on a variety of devices not only gives you a chance to test PageSpeed but also how well your site displays too and remember whether your site is mobile-friendly or not also impacts your search ranking so to review a fast site is a healthy sire and an attractive one to visitors, if it loads quickly visitors probably won’t even notice which is exactly what you, they’ll enjoy your site without interruption but search engines they will notice and you’ll be rewarded with better rankings and more visitors.

We Offers Website that’s Lighitning Speed

Site speed and design are two of the most important ranking factors Google takes into consideration, as they have the biggest effect of cutomer staying on site as the website respond faster.


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