Practical Steps For Planning a Website

Practical Steps For Planning a Website

How to plan your business website / How to plan flow of your website?

In this article we are going to share about how to plan your business website design or blog and specifically about flow of website.

Now what is site-flow and why it’s important? and why do so many people ignore it?

Site-flow is so important because we are thinking about how people will actually use your website “Main Purpose”.

We see that so many owners are more interested and get caught-up in the website design, in the look, in the feel, that they forget the actual use of a website and on the other side visitors who come to the website are getting so flustered, because they are like, not even able to find what they are looking for like a button to contact or an inquiry form, Yes the website is looking cool, colorful and it’s beautiful, but when customers can’t use it then it’s like not fulfil the purpose of having website. So, for us (website designer), the people who are creating the websites, it’s their responsibility to make some amazing websites design that people can actually use it.

How to Plan A Business Website / Personal Blog Design?

We would like to List out few points, which you can make before contacting the Web Design Company with what you want.

We want you to actually take a piece of paper and you are gonna sketch through the flow of your website. In order to do that properly, we need to think about some objective (purpose) and this kind of just goes two ways!

Objective Of The Business Website:

How’re you, (Business/ Website Owner) gonna get people to whatever your conversion goals are? Sign up for your list, hire you, Online buy something from you, whatever your goals are. BUT your are also wanting to think about their (User/ Site Visitor) and what their goals are and why they’re even on your site platform?




1. Start With Website Objectives then User Objective :

i) Website Objective
Never Go (start) with design phase, but to Start with your site objectives in mind, So we want you to actually write those, write out what your objectives are. When they first get to your website, what do you want then go through, what do you want them to know actually, what do you want them to see in your website, feel in website, know, like in website, all those things, what do you want?

ii) User Objective
We need you to work out their (Customers) objectives in mind and what they need? What are they searching for? What are they hoping to discover? What are they hoping to have replied? Simply consider those things, for what reason would they say they are on your site? What do they have to get with you? Furthermore, those are going to be their targets.

Thus, for instance, If you are a photographer, your destinations is to flaunt your work, flaunt your style and character, show what you can do and have them obviously, BOOK you.

What their destinations are, they’re searching for somebody, does this individual have the style that I like, imaginative, what is their pricing, are they inside my value go, is it going to be easy to start this relationship.

2. Think About Their Obstacles
We need you to consider is, about their deterrents and what things they have to overcome in request to get that result.

So your goal of them reaching you or their target of them feeling sufficiently great to get in touch with you. So consider that know, as, and trust factor that they need from you.

So some inquiry you can pose, what necessities to they have? What uncertainty or snags do they need to survive? What’s more, in particular, what info do they completely need so as to push ahead and make a move?

3. Get Clear On Actions

How would we get clear on what activity we need them to take? Endless individuals do this thus numerous individuals get baffled by this is what is the subsequent stage? What do I have to do, So each and every page, you must have a reason for. Where do you need them to go straightaway? So when you’re delineating these pages, you wanna eliminate all interruptions and sort of think, does everything on this page fill the need to get them from A to B.

Whatever those destinations are. Does everything on here must be here? Since, in such a case that there’s anything in here that is too distracting,

i.e. social media, that are going to send’em elsewhere, take’em out. On the off chance that they are moving from what you need them to do, prepare to have your mind blown. Most occasions they will do the other thing. So on the off chance that you truly need them to get in touch with you, ensure that there’s a truly clear source of inspiration and make it simple. However, ensure there is a standardization, what we implied is “Don’t make the catch not appear as though a Button”, Be contemplating am I preventing them from what I truly need them to do? So be clear and mention to them what steps to take straightaway.

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