How to Choose Best Website Designing Company?

How to Choose Best Website Designing Company?

The Reputation of Website Design Company

The first and foremost to look in for when choosing the website designing company is the reputation.

As per the recent survey, every day 12 new companies are started in India for website designing/ web development industry is concern; which is making upto 650 companies approximately per year and out of which only 2 companies are able to hold for a year.

Consider yourself designing your website with the above listed companies, then you wont be able to get support from them or in some cases we have come across clients who has lost their favorite domain and important hosted files and the most important is email data, as the company is closed and they were not able to trace them out.

Website is a very important tool for a company to reach to its consumers and prospects and therefore must be developed with utmost importance. The offshore web design agency must be reputed and possess required experience and skills. Such website designing company are reliable and deliver quality products. Reputation is not built overnight and it goes without saying that the web designing must have been in the domain for a few years (Minimum 5 years) so that their are qualified and seasoned enough to handle complex projects. The reputation of a web designing company can be assessed by the number and the quality of clients who have availed the service of the agency. You can also research or do a homework on their online presence, reviews, ratings, social media presence; Only after ascertaining all these points, you can choose the website designing company for your project.


Skill sets possessed by the company

Another important factor to be looked in is the skill sets of the company who would design Designing websites that are attractive in design and easy in functionality requires a lot of skills and the web designing company that you hire must possess a skill set which qualifies them to create compelling websites which are not only unique but also is top notch in all respects. The knowledge of HTML, CSS, Java Script, Photoshop, AJAX, JQuery, PHP, MySQL, ASP, Access and many such technologies must be possessed by technical team to be able to create a complete website. To assess their skills, the previous works must be seen and assessed. Without upgrading the existing skills, no web design company can sustain the market and the competition that the market offers.

Previous works and clientele

The easiest way to judge and assess the web agency is to check Web Design Portfolio and the client to which the company has catered. Looking at the past works, it is easier to know whether their team would be able to handle the complex. Only such web design agencies with clean track records must be chosen at the completion of your project is of paramount importance.

Working or Supporting Hours

The importance of working hours or supporting hours. There is NO COMPANY IN INDIA AT PRESENT (Except some domain registrar or Hosting Service Providers) that works 247 or provide 247 support as far as the website design or web development companies are concern.

We will explain you why your Website design company or web development company should support 247

“Your website and social media accounts are accessible 24/7/365. Imagine that your customer want to buy from your website or check your services. You put in all the effort required to build a beautiful website, but when you try to open and it doesn’t open, it’s NOT WORKING. We all know how irate your customer would be or we feel in that situation. Your customer will think twice about coming back given the bad taste its left. Your customer might just find another website that is more easily accessible.” (ok at the same point in time, Think that you are able to get support from your web designing or web development team and get the website live immediately! but hey, this is proving the point here;).

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Some Questions Before Start Plan

Do you offer domain name

Do you offer web hosting services

Do you offer email ids, how many and what is the space give for each email id

Do you promote my website or Is there any additional service that I can opt to promote my website

How long will it take

How many pages will my website have

What do you need from me to get started

What happens if I don’t like the initial design

Can you create a logo for my site

Will my website be compatible with smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices or in one work will by site be RESPONSIVE

What if I want to make changes later

What platform and CMS will be used

Is there training provided to use the CMS

What about renewals and pricing

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